Audio feedback issues for presenters

Hi all, we are repeatedly having audio feedback issues with a number of presenters lately. I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issues? Our presenters always use the webcam, option for audio, and we have trialed both with and without headsets but are still receiving the same feedback issues with a different range of presenters in different countries or states. This never seemed to be an issue before but occurs in almost all of our sessions and recordings now.

We always test the audio and set up prior to the sessions and on many occasions the test has been without issues, then the live session, with the same set up, is a different story.

It’s even happened when we’ve had ON24 Support on the session with us, but no solution or explanation has yet been found. Has anyone else had similar ongoing issues?

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Hi, are you sure that the feedback isn’t because of the media player panel being open or another window with the preview open? Only time I will get someone saying there is a bad delay or feedback is when there has been someone watching the media player, which should always be closed when presenting.

Sometimes we notice feedback if someone doesn’t have the audience view muted in their PMXD console. But it’s usually a one off issue and not something I have noticed across multiple events.

Hi Louise,

We’ve had that problem too. It usually helps if all speakers use a headset and are muted when not speaking. It can be cumbersome to have the speakers mute and un-mute themselves, but it’s the only way we avoid getting feedback.

And something that might also help, close ALL other applications that might use internet so that you have full usage of your internet connection? And make sure it’s a wired connection no wifi? We’ve had some issues in the beginning and that was when people we using wifi instead of a wired connection.

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Hello! We have tons of issues with feedback and delays for video presentations. Usually the issue is when we are having our technical rehearsal, which doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in my presenters! I go over “best practices” such as wired headsets, closing down all other browser windows, clearing cache, disconnecting additional devices from wi-fi, etc. Because we’re all working from home/listening from home, it’s been a big problem! Hasn’t really been an issue during the live event, just the practice session. I have even had speakers dial -in on their phone and log in using the webcam and muting the microphone. Help!

Hi Christine, reviving a very old thread here! Did you ever resolve your audio issues? We’re seeing similar audio issues with webcam/pc mic delays and cutting out. It’s only on our corporate laptops and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it. We’re thinking it could be something to do with our antivirus or security software.